Franchise Frequently Asked Questions

What are franchises?

Why should I buy a franchise business?

What kind of franchise information should I look for?

How do I select a business franchise?

Are franchise expositions a good way to learn more about franchise opportunities?

Should I purchase a franchise opportunity that sounds fantastic, even if it's more than I can really afford?

What kind of financial information should I look for in a start up franchise opportunity?

What should I do before I sign up for franchise business opportunities?

How can I find out which franchises are for sale?

How can I evaluate a franchise for sale?

What specific things should I look for when evaluating an existing franchise business for sale?

How can an accountant help me evaluate an existing franchise for sale?

Should everyone buy a franchise when they want to start a business?

What is franchise tax?

What is a franchise tax board?

As a small business, how can I keep up to date on the franchise tax board in multiple states?

Who keeps track of all the franchise taxes in a company?

What are the best franchises?

I don't have enough money to buy the best franchise so how I can be sure of getting a good one?

Should I use a franchise broker to negotiate my deal for a top franchise?

What are the top ten franchise businesses?

What is franchise consulting?

How can I afford to use franchise consultants?

What kinds of questions do franchise business consultants ask?

Can a franchise consulting service help me raise the funds necessary to start a franchise?

Should I use business development consultants to help turn my business into a franchise?

Are food franchises a good place t start?

What should I look for in a food franchise?

What kind of restaurant franchise support might be provided?

What should I know about running a coffee franchise?

How much money does it take to buy restaurant franchises?

What are franchise directories?

Can a franchise directory help me find financing?

Can I make as much money with low cost franchises as more expensive ones?

Isn't a low cost franchise much easier to get started?

Should I be concerned that the cheap franchise I found doesn't have an advisory board?

The low cost franchise opportunities I'm looking into are all growing very fast. That's good, right?

How can I find cheap franchise opportunities?

Is a turnkey operation a good way to invest in a small business opportunity?

How do I start looking into starting a small business?

How do I got about starting a small business?

What fees will there be when I buy a small franchise business?

What kinds of home based franchises are available?

What does it take to run a home based franchise?

How can you run a home franchise and not get distracted?

Should I use my some of my home equity to start a home based business?

Are there home based franchise opportunities?

How do I learn how to start a franchise?

What kind of help can you get starting your own franchise?

What are the advantages of growing my business by adding franchises?

Where can I look for small business loans?

What do franchise laws require?

Where are the details of the franchise agreement spelled out?

What kinds of fitness franchises are there?

Is there a fitness franchise that can be run from my home?

Is the Curves franchise responsible for all the growth in fitness franchises?

Does the fitness trend help a weight loss franchise be successful?

What's special about a women's fitness franchise?

What kind of franchise investment will I need to make?

How can I utilize franchise investments to grow my business?

How can I convince potential franchisees they should look to us for investment opportunities?

What do I need to know about choosing a location for my business investment opportunities?

How can I find a good low investment franchise opportunity?

What should I look for in researching the top franchises?

What happens if I open a store in another state?

What kinds of internet franchises are there?

What should an Internet franchise site look like?

Should I have a web site for my franchise?

How can the web help franchise owners and franchisors communicate?

What technology and Internet features benefit a franchise business?

What businesses for women are growing?

How many women are in business?

Does the government offer business grants for women to get started?

Are women's franchises different than men's?

How can I find a profitable home based business for a woman?

What should I know about changing careers?

Can a personal coach help me sort out some career changes?

What steps are involved in a mid-life career change?

Can I have a part time career while I'm still working for someone else?

Where can I go for career change advice?

How can I prepare for starting a business?

You're in total control when you start your own business, right?

Where can I go to learn how to start a small business?

What do I need to start a home based business?

How can I test out self employment without quitting my day job?

How can I find legitimate stay at home mom businesses?

Where can I get advice on running a home based business for mom?

Is it easy to run a business for a stay at home mom or dad?

How can I balance my mom and business roles?

How can I connect with other home based working moms?

How do home based working moms and dads take care of the household work as well?

Should home based working moms and dads involve their children in their business?

What should a franchise business list contain?

What are the top ten franchise businesses?

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