Author Operations Manual

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What should be included in the Operations Manual?

Author Operations Manual

The franchisor must have effective systems and a sound structure in place to support the operations of its franchisees. One of the essential elements of a support package is the Operations Manual.

The operations manual documents all the major functions involved in opening and operating a franchise. It aids in maintaining product and service standards as well as overall uniformity. It should be a resource so complete it minimizes calls to the home office, forms the basis of a systematic approach to training.

It may include the following:

  • Introduction and history of the company
  • Company policies
  • Business practices
  • Standards, procedures and documentation for hiring of staff
  • Personnel administration
  • Job descriptions
  • Ordering supplies and outside services
  • Preparation techniques
  • Operating equipment
  • Cleaning, repairing and maintaining equipment
  • Maintaining premises
  • Pre-opening procedures
  • Opening and closing tasks
  • Customer service
  • Operation forms, record keeping forms and procedures
  • Bookkeeping and management control systems
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Safety and security
  • Reports to franchisor
  • Use of trademarks
  • Licensed software



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