Standardize Administration

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How do I standardize all the administrative work?

Standardize Administration

It is easy to keep track of what is going on when there is just one location. As you grow, however, you'll have to keep track of a large number of people. You're going to be looking at a lot of paperwork, and it's going to help immensely if it is all in a standard format and it all flows to you at expected times and in established channels.

You can create forms and procedures that will help: ensure operational standards, minimize problems, supply informational needs, monitor performance, monitor adherence to standards and ensure the company's ability to audit the franchise operations.

Forms that are required typically relate to sales, cost of goods, labor costs, advertising expenditures and other major expenses. These include the cash register form, activity form, a weekly/monthly recap, the sales report, customer analysis form, advertising analysis form, operation analysis form and a report on major expense items.

Generic forms are available at office supply stores and through online document preparation sites. Many are free and all are modifiable.



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