Recruit Franchisees

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How do I recruit new franchisees?

Recruit Franchisees

To attract excellent prospects and recruit them you must determine your business' unique features and benefits and then express them through cleverly worded ads, appropriate sales brochures and effective phone and mail follow-up programs. All this effort is intended to obtain an interview with a qualified prospective franchisee.

Before you begin your advertising campaign, establish a budget and goals. There are many methods for recruiting franchisees and it's very easy to get spread too thin and lose sight of your goal. Some media to consider are: business or trade magazines, newspapers, direct mail, trade shows, seminars, online brokers and broadcast media.

Don't forget to create a system for monitoring the effectiveness of your franchisee recruitment process. You'll need data to be able to refine your campaign. You should analyze the media used to determine which proves the most qualified leads, and should evaluate leads to determine which leads produce the most interviews and sales.



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