Use The Internet

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How can I use the internet to advertise?

Use The Internet

Internet marketing is a booming business. It is no longer just – or even mainly – for established brands. It is an excellent tool for new franchisors and there are many options to be considered. One is large franchise advertising portals. These sites advertise franchises that are for sale. For a fee they will list your franchise and include a contact form for the prospective lead to complete. The form will be sent to you electronically and you are then responsible for evaluating the lead. You can target geographically and filter leads for available capital and/or planned start date. The more filters you use, the more expensive the lead.

Many of the sites charge on a per-lead basis. This fee can range from $17 to $50 per lead, depending on the filters and volume you specify. Most sites require at least a 6-month contract and you may specify the maximum number of leads you want to pay for per month.

There are several companies that analyze the effectiveness and value of Franchise Portals. eMaximation rates the top 20 franchise portals providing domestic U.S. leads. The top 5 portals are: Franchise Direct, Franchise For Sale, Franchise Gator, Franchise Opportunities and Franchise Solutions Network.

If you're going to use a franchise portal, request and compare quotes and terms from several providers. Don't limit yourself to the top 5. Negotiate until you get the package you want.



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