Use Trademarks Correctly

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How are trademarks to be used?

Use Trademarks Correctly

You spent a great deal of time and money getting your business name and logo trademarked. You want your franchisee to use it, and to use it appropriately. In Item 13 of the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC) you will list your principal trademarks. You will also confirm whether there are legal limits or problems associated with the trademarks.

You will specify exactly how the franchisee is to use your trademark. It should only be used in connection with operation of the franchise. It should never be used in connection with any products or services you do not authorize. This is important. Your image is tied to your trademark and you do not want it tarnished by misuse.

You also want your franchisee to know that you will defend your trademark and prosecute infringers, if necessary. This is your responsibility, not theirs. You do not want your franchisees settling or compromising legal situations regarding your trademark.



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