Count On Support

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Does everyone in my support network know what I'm doing?

Count On Support

You have a great support network made up of loved ones and friends. They were helpful when you started your business and they're proud of your success in operating it. Now you're getting ready to franchise. Do you still need them? YES! In fact, you're going to need your support network more than ever before. Not only will your time and energy be divided between operating your business and establishing your franchise, you're also going to be under funding and timing pressure.

Keep the lines of communication open with the important people in your life. Talk freely about the pressures you're facing, the demands on your time and about risk. After all, there's no guarantee you'll be able to sell a franchise after you establish it.

Let them know why you want to make this commitment and what your hopes and dreams are. Tell them of things you may ask them to do – include both time and money investments. Make sure they're comfortable with your decision to move forward and expand. They're indispensable to you and you're going to need them.

It's not just you who is investing in expansion. It's also everyone who is close to you.



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