Five Short Steps to Owning an Automotive Franchise

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How do I buy and automotive franchise?

Five Short Steps to Owning an Automotive Franchise

Love Nascar? Enjoy the automotive industry? Dream of going into business for yourself but not sure how to make it all happen? An automotive franchise may be the perfect fit for your business and dreams!

Some of the most recognized names in the automotive industry are actually available for purchase as a franchise. Here are five quick and easy steps to explore the exciting opportunity of owning your own automobile franchise.

1. Determine what type of automotive franchise you would like to buy. This sounds easy but with so many choices it can be difficult to decide! Select from auto detailing franchise opportunities, auto parts franchises, automotive repair franchises and many others! Check out's Automotive Franchise opportunities for an overview of the hundreds of various types of business opportunities to choose from.

2. Calculate your budget. Automotive franchises can begin at under $10,000 for a Windshield repair franchise with SuperGlass Windshield Repair, to upwards of $250,000 for a Jiffy Lube station.

3. Request Information. Requesting franchise information is easy but don't fall in love all at once. Review the information and carefully consider all of your options.

4. Do your homework! Once you have gathered information it is time to do your homework. Take time to visit existing franchise operations, research competitors, evaluate the relationship with the home office and make it a priority to keep an open mind to both the potential and any drawbacks.

5. Apply. Once you have determined the best fit for your future and dreams it is time to put the plan into action. The great part about buying a franchise is that they are able to guide you through every step of the application process and beyond.



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