Career Changes

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Can a personal coach help me sort out some career changes?

Career Changes

Career changes allow you to explore new industries and learn new skills. Whether you're experiencing a mid-life career change or looking for a business to run after retiring from a former job, take the time to fully investigate potential opportunities thoroughly.

Be sure to compare your personality traits to those expected of people that are successful in the potential careers that you are considering. For example, if you like to be constantly moving and conversing with others a job that requires you to sit at a desk all day and work on a computer is probably not for you. Likewise, if you're uncomfortable striking up conversations with strangers, you probably don't want to look at careers in sales that require you to cold call people you don't know and sell them things.

It can be very beneficial to start or join a group consisting of individuals who are also interested in career changes. This will give you the opportunity to share ideas and encouragement. Working with a career development professional or personal coach can also be a helpful way to explore new options that fit your personality and goals.



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