Having a Part Time Career with a Full Time Job

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Can I have a part time career while I'm still working for someone else?

Having a Part Time Career with a Full Time Job

If you're interested in exploring new self-employment or changing careers, maintaining a part-time career during the transition can provide financial cushion and stability.

Don't jeopardize your existing job if you are dependent on the salary. There are many options for working part-time in a variety of industries. Depending on where you are currently working, however, you may choose to keep your other career hush-hush. Alternately, you may find many coworkers who are supportive and interested in your ambitions.

Keep some balance in your life and make sure you're not working too much (always make time for recreation and relaxation). Balancing two obligations can be taxing. Set realistic expectations and make sure to adhere to your commitments.



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