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Aligning Your Interests and a Franchise Business Opportunity

Make sure you choose a franchise business opportunity that fits with your personality and interests. You'll most likely be working for the next 15-20 years so make sure it will continue to hold you interest. Is the franchise business opportunity in a field you had considered working in or actually worked in before? Is it a growing field? If the industry does not appeal to you or hold any interest whatsoever, do not start up a franchise opportunity and commit yourself to it. Starting a new business requires a lot of energy and time. Make sure the franchise is one you will enjoy.

What kind of financial information should I look for in a start up franchise opportunity?

Financial Projections When You Start Up a Franchise Opportunity

As you investigate a franchise opportunity, make sure you get substantiation of any income numbers they share with you. Some salespeople can be pretty convincing and have you halfway to signing an agreement without having provided the cold, hard facts you need to make this important business decision.

Make sure you are provided written substantiations of any claims about income and profit projections. If a franchise skirts the issue or refuses to provide you with this information, it's time to leave them and go investigate another start-up franchise opportunity.

Are franchise expositions a good way to learn more about franchise opportunities?

Discovering Franchise Opportunities

When you are looking for a franchise business, consider attending a franchise exposition. This will enable you to compare a variety of franchise opportunities in one place. Be aware, however, that they are there to sell you on their business. Some salespeople may try to hard sell you on franchises in which you have no interest. Research the types of franchises you might be interested ahead of time so that you come well prepared to investigate the different franchise opportunities that meet both your interest and your budget. Once there, comparison shop by talking to the representatives of those businesses you noted.

What should I do before I sign up for franchise business opportunities?

Signing Agreements with Franchise Business Opportunities

Do not sign agreements about franchise business opportunities without investigating them thoroughly. You will get a disclosure document outlining key information about the franchise opportunity--take your time and study it. Speak with current and former franchise operators and listen to their experiences with this particular franchise opportunity. Read through their litigation history and have an attorney review the agreement. You will also want an accountant to review the financial disclosures. Do not be in such a rush to jump into a franchise business opportunity that you ignore the advice of experts.

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