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What kinds of fitness franchises are there?

Fitness Franchises

Fitness franchises come in all shapes and sizes. There is personal fitness training, women's gyms such as the Curves franchise, men's gyms, children's fitness programs, and turnkey co-ed fitness franchises. Being fit is in and fitness franchises are smart investments.

A background in health or fitness is helpful when running a fitness or weight loss franchise but not necessary to succeed in the business. There are many niches (such as fitness clothing and equipment) that can be used as a way to get into the fitness franchise boom. Some of these franchises can even be run from your home.

What's special about a women's fitness franchise?

Health News Fuels Growth in Women's Fitness Franchise

Statistically, obesity is a problem amongst women today. And, with many women looking for a solution, a women's fitness franchise can be a great investment.

While the Curves franchise is probably the best known due to growth, it is easy to find other women's fitness franchises to suit personal wants and needs. Co-ed gyms can be intimidating and many members of the fairer sex club would prefer a more private means of achieving fitness. Gyms catering to only women can offer a less stressful workout. Some women's gyms even offer tanning, childcare, and massage ( some even provide smaller machines to accommodate smaller frames).

Is there a fitness franchise that can be run from my home?

Starting a Fitness Franchise

Fitness franchises are profitable in this day and age and some can even be run from your home. There are many niches in the fitness world and it is easy to find one to spark your personal expertise and/or interests. A few options available include:

• Body fat testing franchises,
• Sports clothing franchises
• Fitness accessory franchises
• Personal training franchises
• Sports equipment franchises
• Women's gyms

Start-up costs can vary dramatically so investigate your options and profit potential thoroughly. In general, lower start-up costs mean lower profits, but a lot will depend on your personal skills and ambition, as well as the support and training you get from the franchisor.

Is the Curves franchise responsible for all the growth in fitness franchises?

Curves Franchise Fuels Growth

The word is out: fitness is a key element to living a healthy life.
While fitness franchises have been around for quite a while, new franchises (like Curves) have sparked a lot of recent growth and interest. They've had tremendous success providing fitness services to women. Traditional fitness franchises should not be forgotten, however, as they are also doing their part to support healthy minds and bodies.

The fitness trend is benefiting many fitness-oriented franchises, including children's, body fat testing, sports clothing, and more. As people keep hearing of the importance of good diet, exercise, and fitness levels, many seek out gyms and other programs that can help them achieve these things. This fuels the growth of fitness franchises and makes them smart investments.

Does the fitness trend help a weight loss franchise be successful?

Weight Loss Franchise: Benefit from the Health Trends

With much press being given to the long-term health costs associated with being overweight, many people are turning to weight loss franchises to help them shed those extra pounds.

A weight loss franchises provides a safe environment as well as encouragement and advice. Prepackaged meals can also be sold. Baby boomers with disposable income are helping to fuel the growth in this area. Whether you're interested in a weight loss franchise, women's fitness franchise, or any other fitness franchise niche, focusing on health issues and exercise will be beneficial.

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