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Is it easy to run a business for a stay at home mom or dad?

Running a Business for Stay at Home Mom or Dad

A business for a stay at home mom or dad can provide extra income if real effort is put into it, however, it's not easy. Recognize that you will be working hard (probably harder than you might at a regular job). Because the business is right there in your home, it's sometimes hard to ignore it, even after you've put a full day in. On the other hand, a business for a stay at home mom or dad can offer great benefits (such as the ability to still be run with a sick child home from school). You have greater flexibility than you would in most offices, but no one but you is nagging you to get the work done. Make sure you have the drive and determination to succeed.

Should home based working moms and dads involve their children in their business?

Having Children Help with Home Based Working Moms and Dads

Home based working moms have the advantage of their children seeing them work every day. No child wonders where mom or dad goes all day long because your office is likely to be right there in your dining room or in a spare bedroom (if you're lucky). Involve your children in your work (if you can) by giving them small chores to do that help you out. If you're doing a mailing, children can stuff envelopes. Older kids can help with filing and other office work as well as helping out directly in the business. Giving your children a chance to help out in the business teaches them valuable skills and lets them appreciate what you do all day.

How can I connect with other home based working moms?

Connecting with Home Based Working Moms

There are many web sites and email lists devoted to home based working moms. Visit a few and see which one makes the biggest impact on you. Join their mailing lists or chat rooms and spend some time listening to get a feel for the group before jumping into the conversation.

If you have young children, find some local home based working moms and set up a regular day to meet (perhaps at a local park for a picnic lunch). You can visit with the other home based working moms and the kids can get some needed play time in. Come home and put them down for a nap before settling into your afternoon work. And, resist working on housework during their naps--use that time for thinking work.

How can I find legitimate stay at home mom businesses?

Stay at Home Mom Businesses

You're right to be weary of companies who advertise specifically for stay at home mom businesses that are nothing but scams. Remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Before signing up to be a distributor for anything, talk to other distributors and find out whether the business is worthwhile. If it's a service business, find out as many details as you can about what you'll be doing, how you'll get paid, and so forth. If this is a franchise operation, research the parent company and try to talk to some other franchisees. There are plenty of legitimate stay-at-home mom businesses so don't be scared off by the scams--just be sure to research the opportunity carefully.

How do home based working moms and dads take care of the household work as well?

Schedules and Home Based Working Moms and Dads

Home based working moms and dads need to set schedules and develop routines (even more than most parents). First, plan your dinners for the week so you're not stuck wondering what to cook at 6pm as you stare into the freezer. Most likely, you won't have the extra funds to order pizza or take-out very often as you initially get your business going. Make good use of a slow-cooker on the days when you have afternoon errands to run and cannot start dinner. You might even consider cooking extra on the weekends and having planned leftovers during the week. Make two of your favorite meals when you have time and freeze one for a busy day later.

*As a dad or mom, business planning is no more important than home management planning.

How can I balance my mom and business roles?

Balancing the Mom/Business Roles

Being a mom and a business woman can be a struggle to balance. Some jobs require more sacrifice than others and you might not realize how much of yourself you were devoting to the job until after you become a mom. You'll often feel stretched and pulled in many different directions. Try to divide up your day and attention (if you can).

When you're a mom, business should take a back seat. When you're working, put your heart into that and save parenting issues for later. If you can find a good balance, you'll enjoy both roles. If you're lucky enough to find a business for a stay at home mom, you may struggle with balance even more. You will, however, enjoy a greater flexibility.

Where can I get advice on running a home based business for mom?

Finding Support: Home Based Business for Mom

It may sound great to run a home based business. For mom, though, it can be yet another shift in a long day. Get some support from other stay-at-home-mom businesses by finding or starting a group of other home based working moms. If you don't have the time to meet in person, find an Internet group to join. You can share stories, give each other tips, and share marketing ideas for your stay at home mom business. Sign up for some newsletters that offer tips about running a home based business for mom. Find out how others are balancing their many demands.

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