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What kinds of home based franchises are available?

Home Based Franchises

Home Based Franchises can be a great way to start a home-based business. Some popular options include:

• cleaning or janitorial services
• on-site vehicle maintenance
• mobile windshield repair
• staffing
• bookkeeping
• direct mail
• tutoring services
• selling assorted products (gift baskets, personalized namesakes, tools, medical supplies, etc.)

Any business you can think of to run from a home base probably exists as a franchise set-up somewhere. Many franchise directories even allow you to browse home franchise opportunities. Check out the zoning codes in your town to make sure you can run a home based business before you get too far into the research though. Some towns restrict home based businesses to avoid traffic and noise problems.

Should I use my some of my home equity to start a home based business?

Home Based Business

If you base your business in your home, you won't be alone. Low interest rates have convinced many people to tap into their home equity as a funding source for their home-based business. If you don't have enough business experience to convince a bank to lend you money, you might want to use some of your home equity as the funding source. You should also check out the Small Business Administration classes and information to help you learn as much as possible. The SBA also provides some funding for small businesses and might be a source of funds for your home based business.

Are there home based franchise opportunities?

Home Based Franchise Opportunities

Franchises can now be found in almost any business category. In fact, franchising has become one of the main sources of new businesses. If you look in the various franchise directories for home-based franchise opportunities you're likely to see a long, varying list of options. Mobile service businesses are common, of course, as the actual business services are generally conducted in the consumer's home or business establishment (this makes it easy to base the business from a home). Some of these businesses include:

• windshield repair
• car detailing
• carpet cleaning
• housekeeping or janitorial services

The list doesn't stop there, however, so be sure to explore any and all options. Think of any home based business and you're likely to find that someone has set up a franchise for it. Look into the ones that most appeal to your wants and needs as a business owner.

How can you run a home franchise and not get distracted?

Scheduling Time for Your Home Franchise

* Stay on Track

Making a schedule and sticking to it can be crucial to the success of your home franchise. Make sure you have a specific working area for your home based franchise (preferably a room with a door you can close).

* Avoid distractions

It is important not to be distracted by household chores that need doing when you should be running your business. And, if you have friends and neighbors that tend to drop in, let them know you're working these particular hours and need to get back to it (if they insist on dropping by when they know your schedule, just don't answer the door during your scheduled working hours).

* Take a breather

Don't forget to schedule some breaks for yourself while working. You won't have the normal interaction and breaks that come about naturally in an office environment. In a home franchise you need to make sure to take a few minutes for yourself now and then (don't burn yourself out). Get out and take a walks, schedule lunches with friends or simply sit back and relax every now and then.

What does it take to run a home based franchise?

Setting Up a Home Based Franchise

Running a home based franchise is like running any other home based business. You need to make sure you can ignore the household chores that might be calling to you. You should have a separate office space to work in (preferably with a door between you and the rest of the household). At the least, you'll need room for a desk, a computer or two, some filing cabinets, and some storage space.

You should have a second phone line for your business so callers always get a professional response. In fact, if you're out of your office a lot, consider hiring a service to answer the phone for you rather than using voice mail. It costs more but it's beneficial to you to project an image of professionalism.

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