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How can I find a profitable home based business for a woman?

Home Based Business for a Woman

Ladies, stay clear of envelope stuffing schemes and the like when you're looking for a home-based business. Before beginning make sure that you possess the following:

• a sound business plan
• a product or service that has an honest demand
• a reasonable chance of success based on your skills and background

It might be helpful to find women who are making money in successful home-based businesses and ask them about the specifics involved in their businesses.

Women's franchises are another popular way for women to re-enter the workforce or change careers and some franchises even offer means of starting home-based businesses for women.

Are women's franchises different than men's?

Women's Franchises

Many popular women's franchises today fall into female-oriented categories such as women-only fitness centers and franchises dealing in jewelry, decorating, and make-up. However, equally popular and successful women-run franchises include many that, at one time, were traditionally owned by men.

Home-based businesses run by women are also both prevalent and lucrative. Many new businesses these days are started by women and franchises are no exception. Since most franchisors offer training to help you succeed within their industry, a great opportunity for switching career paths or reentering the workforce is easy to obtain. Women can even find part-time based franchise opportunities (perfect for working moms that want to make money as well as be home for their children after school).

What businesses for women are growing?

Businesses for Women

Businesses owned by women are common in this day and age. Many banks are more willing to lend money to women now more than ever. In fact, some statistics show that nearly half of all privately held companies are owned by women.

Some women in business, however, are looking for ways to earn part-time income while still being available for their children after school. Service businesses that can be done during school hours are attractive, as are work-from-home situations. Many helpful online sites are available to help women explore these options and others.

Does the government offer business grants for women to get started?

Business Grants for Women

The Small Business Administration does not offer business grants for women, but it does guarantee loans, which can help women in business receive funding.

Some states offer grants for non profits (typically aimed at non profits in the areas of research or education). If you do decide to pursue business grants for women in the research and education fields, there are web sites that offer directories of grants available.

How many women are in business?

Women in Business

The number of women involved in businesses today continues to grow. In fact, according to some studies, women are responsible for a large percentage of new businesses and revenue, and account for nearly half of all privately held businesses.

Women in business often find more success owning their own business than working for large corporations. By exploring this avenue, they can create their own opportunities and use their personal strengths to succeed. An added bonus is the ability to adjust their hours as needed (this is especially useful for working moms).

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